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Online Databases


Amazing flexibility in handling data. Innovative data types, such as "geographical location" which can show maps, and "date and time" which understands human-readable input like 'next Wednesday at 9pm'.


1 users/500 MB file storage $10/mo.
5 users/1 GB file storage $25/mo.
15 users/2 GB file storage $50/mo.
60 users/5 GB file storage $150/mo.


Looks like an extremely solid solution ("Used by more than 50 of the Fortune 100"). Focus on security and reliability. Available pre-built applications: Project Management, Sales Management, Training Management, Customer Service, Healthcare IT Management, Human Resources, IT Management, Legal, Marketing, Process Excellence, Professional Services, Real Estate, SOX Compliance.

Can do outbound email for notifications; workflow

But weird-ass pricing (very high data storage costs, but reasonable file storage costs).


10 users/5 MB data/100 MB file storage $249/mo.
5 additional users with 500 KB data $15/mo.
Additional 1 MB data $25/mo.
Additional 5 MB data $100/mo.
Additional 100 MB file storage $50/mo.
Additional 200 MB file storage $25/mo.


Can define business logic as flowchart. Every table auto-generates a WSDL for API access. Versioning available. Skype click-to-call. Available apps: Basic Contact Manager, Basic Project Manager, Company Directory, Expense Tracker, Lead Manager, PTO Tracker, Recruiting Manager, Simple CRM.

Review available at Startup Meme


1 user/2,000 records/100 MB storage - Free
2 users/10,000 records/500 MB storage - $15/mo.
5 users/25,000 records/1 GB storage - $49/mo.
10 users/50,000 records/2 GB storage - $99/mo.
30 users/100,000 records/5 GB storage - $249/mo.

Caspio Bridge
Interesting standout feature: Localization

Includes Web Service API access, from 5 pages upward. Ready-made apps: Real Estate Listings, Task Management, Membership Management, Job Posting System, Lead Generation, Basic Online Ordering.

Overall, best pricing granularity of all services.


Unlimited users - free
One data page (form) + one sandbox (test) + 100 MB storage + 100 MB data transfer: $7 - $8
SSL access free
But see also custom packages for pick-and match


More of an intranet solution - includes ready-made collaboration applications: calendar, task manager, discussion forum, announcements, contact list, expense reports, opinion polls. Menus can be added/removed. No API.

"Web Database" feature allows user to build relational databases. Several prefab templates: Asset Manager, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Event Registration, Issue Tracker and Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Sales Forecasting, Time Sheets, In/Out Board.

From (Oct 2006):

It seems to have quite a few features at the first glance (calendaring, contact management, custom databases, forums, email), however it lacks the refinement of a good 2.0 application. Practically every link is a page reload which is annoying.. To use email you have to get one from WebEx. There's an ability to send email to groups but no email automation. To enter an appointment on the calendar, you have to jump screens...On the plus side, the layout is neat and clean. Something else that disturbs me is that they haven't made any changes since last time I saw it (about 3 months ago), makes me wonder how seriously they are treating this project.

5 users $59.95/mo, each add'l user $20/mo, 250MB storage space
10 users $99.95/mo, each add'l user $20/mo, 400MB storage space
Additional tiers available
10% discount applies to annual prepayment
Additional storage: $0.60/MB per year
Access via SSL is optional feature.

Zoho Creator

Own scripting language: "Deluge".




Only service that enables email reception into database. Mail merge form letters from database. Doesn't look as polished as the other providers. But very compelling CRM presentation.


$9.95/mo. per user, includes 10,000 records and 1GB file storage.
$4.95 for each additional 10,000 database records (marked as free due to "Limited time promotion", as at 5 Mar 08)
$4.95 for inbound email address to database

Added after initial research

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